The Liebster Award


Sometimes I think of my blog as one of my pets.  I spend lots of time with it, play with it, offer a range of food options, and generally do my best to look after it. And unlike my furry bewhiskered pets, my blog never leaves stinky surprises lying around waiting for unsuspecting visitors to tread in them!

So I am quite fond of my online pet, and like any proud pet owner I am always thrilled when it gets an award!

Last weekend I was doubly thrilled and excited to receive 2 award nominations: the Liebster Award and the Sisterhood of the World Award.


It was the lovely Judit from When Judit bakes… bread and better… and bakes some more who nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Judit is fabulous. She bakes wonderful breads (one of my current baking obsessions) and all sorts of delectable baked treats.   Two of Judit’s recipes on my must bake list are the Harvest Medley Cupcakes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Judit sourcream buns

and her Sour Cream Sandwich buns. So thank you Judit for a blog with a difference and with mouth-watering recipes (and the lovely nomination)!!

An award comes with questions to answer.  I grew up in the US and Australia, and I have never known what I wanted to be (still don’t).  Favourite flavours come and go, at the moment it’s lemon.  Favourite colour is equally variable, but blue always features. It’s so long ago since my first baking experience that all I remember is that it was cookies.  Hazarding a guess they would have been chocolate chip. The taste of the perfect cake?  Chocolate, vanilla, nut, syrupy fruit, coconut… the taste choices are endless and not to be judged.  Flavour is to be definite, texture is key.

Dreams? So many, some realistic some just fantasy, but always there. Fairy tales are about wanting everything to be perfect and to have a happy ending.

I love trees. Trees are proof of the perfection of nature. They are beautiful, majestic and grand.  There are trees for anywhere and everywhere, for every taste and every style.  The perfect rainforest has smooth barked trees up to the sky, kangaroos, wombats, birds everywhere and no leeches. I fear the disappearance of trees and rain forests. And bugs… definitely fear bugs.

So who can I share this award with?

And here are some things I would like to learn about you!

  • Why blog?
  • Where does your inspiration come from?
  • Where did you grow up?
  • Where would you love to visit?
  • Mountain, ocean or lake
  • Favourite childhood meal
  • Favourite food to cook
  • Most must have ingredient/s
  • Favourite kitchen tool
  • Best way to unwind and relax
  • Importance of facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to your blog

Next post, Sisterhood of the World Award…

About baking bohemian

My name is Jen and I am the baking bohemian. My blog identity comes from the cultural background of my mother’s family, (Bohemian), and my mother’s more left wing lifestyle (bohemian). The big ‘B’ Bohemian refers to the rich cultural heritage of our family that emigrated from Bohemia when it was still its own country (it now comprises two thirds of the Czech Republic). Food featured prominently in the family and broader social life of that part of my family. No social interaction was without sustenance, and any celebration, large or small, was an invitation to cook up a storm. My own family emigrated from the United States to Australia when I was a child. For the most part we lived with our mother, and my dad eventually moved back to the US. The little ‘b’ bohemian relates to the semi-alternative lifestyle we led with our mother. I hesitate to refer to her as a hippy, for that conjures up so many misconceptions, but certainly she was on that side of the fence. She was probably more eccentric than radical at the end of the day, but she could really cook. We always set extra plates at the dinner table because inevitably people would visit at dinner time. I started cooking when I was about eight. Cookies. Obviously I was motivated by desire! I loved cooking, I loved that the kitchen was always, in every way, the heart of the house, so I was always part of anything else that was happening while I was cooking. I loved people loving my food. With all the different things that I have done in my life and am interested in, food has remained my most consistent and enduring passion.

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  1. I am so happy for you! Congratulations and the award! You deserve it and thank you for the nomination! So sweet and unexpected.

  2. Congratulations Jen on your awards. I love reading your blog, seeing your photos, and thinking about you and the family. Miss you so much love Laxx

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